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Privacy Policy

Purpose of Client Information

We gather our customer’s details only to make our services better for the improved and customized client experience so that you can receive timely updates, swift response to your queries, delivery of right quote to the right person, etc. Your information is further shared with the third party only in case of:

  • Mandatory for the complete processing of the ordered service
  • Better consultation on your request
  • Promotional and publication purpose if it is included in the required list of services

However, we do not directly share your details or information until and unless we have received your consent in advance. Our professional team of digital marketers makes sure of sending a prior notice before taking any further step in the process of generating the required service.

Update of Privacy Statements

Each time you access Perfect Web Media, you concede all the terms and conditions along with enlisted policies. All the rights of information declared on this page and terms and conditions are reserved with Perfect Web Media; thereby any information provided for the sake of privacy can be altered and/or updated without any advance notice to the customer/user knowledge. Succeeding usage of our website and it’s provided services shall specify that the customer is well aware of the amendment made to the terms and conditions concerning privacy policies cordially.

Price Policy

Perfect Web Media offers different plans and packages for the services mentioned on the website. Our price policy for each service clear as well as simple and to enjoy the benefit of our digital marketing services, customers are genuinely suggested to reach out to our service providers and understand the company’s norms regarding the payment of the services according to the stated packages.

Payment Policy

Perfect Web Media is open to all modes of payment mediums. We accept credit cards, e-cheques, debit card and online transactions. The charged amount will be according to the service requested